The woods

The nature of Monferrato

The boundless spaces, our geography's natural openness embrace breathtaking views, unexplored woods, truffle grounds of unexpected flair. These are examples of an infinite collection of places with unspoilt charm, which we carefully treasure and which are still able to enchant.

Truffle grounds

Five million years ago, these hills were small deposits of sand and soil. Today they provide the Monferrato area with rich and varied crops: hazelnuts, olive trees, vines, inebriating it with scents and colours. And they are home to truffle grounds, our precious and invaluable asset as much as gold, with ancient roots that come from afar and an authentic flavour that our area is now rediscovering.


It is hard to imagine the complexity of life before Nature, so simple, so authentic. But it is by taking care of it that we become aware of it. This is what has happened here, in our lands, along the ridges of our hills and amidst the trees that populate the woods of the Asti area. Our whole community has chosen to preserve these precious ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, complexity and biogenetics.

Tutti i boschi
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Muscandia Woods

45° 3' 24.171'' N / 7° 59' 23.572'' E

The Monferrato landscape

44° 59' 27.786'' N / 8° 8' 6.544'' E