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Introduction to traditions

Our hospitality is not based on artificial pomp and ostentation; this kind of story does not belong to our community. We offer sincere hospitality meant to welcome you into our homes and our traditions which have the genuine flavour of the land that hosts us. Every ingredient, every scent of our cuisine is not an enogastronomic invention, but has ancient roots that come from afar; each one is part of a wholeness that brings together culture, music, landscape, community in stories that we are keen to tell you.

Typical Products

Finocchini Biscuits

Those who only heard about it might be taken aback at first sight. By the time the first bite is taken they already want the second. And the third as well.

Grignolino d'Asti DOC and the Pope's Vineyard

In the Basso Monferrato, not far from Asti, lies Portacomaro. This small village of houses and farms was the birthplace of a man who, like many other people in Piedmont, chose to emigrate to Argentina in the 19th century.

Hills to be Lived

A little hamlet nestled in the Lower Monferrato, hills and white unpaved roads where you can indulge in the beauty of nature and enjoy timeless landscapes.

Piedmontese Fried Food Mix of Grana Monferrato

The Piedmontese fried food mix is a sensory journey in which sweet, salty, savoury and bitter flavours merge together in a delicate balance.

Canestrelli Cookies

In the ancient village of Cinaglio, families have been preserving for generations the recipe of Canestrelli: tasty, thin, crumbly biscuits, the protagonists of all special occasions. According to some written records, this gastronomic tradition has been handed down since the 17th century.

Ruchè DOCG

Around here there are proud hills, dominating the landscape as if they were emperors. Castagnole Monferrato, Montemagno, Grana Monferrato, Portacomaro, Scurzolengo, Refrancore and Viarigi: the seven kings rule over an empire covered in juicy, delicious black grapes.

From the Malvasia di Casorzo DOC to the peculiar trees’ uniqueness

At the edge of the village of Casorzo Monferrato, between the rows of vines, there is a trail that inebriates the senses of travellers, namely the one dedicated to red Malvasia DOC.

Capriglio Sweet Pepper

Capriglio was the birthplace of Mamma Margherita, mother of Don Bosco, who actually left her heart here. In the same land, a delicious vegetable takes deep root: the pepper, which recalls the shape of the heart.

Donkey Agnolotti of Calliano Monferrato

We are in the late 19th century, and the story goes that a man from Calliano was visiting Italy, where he tasted donkey meat. Once he got back to his small homeland, he suggested using it for the typical stuffed pasta made on festive days. The new formula was a triumph both for the taste buds and for the people of Calliano Monferrato; a more accessible meat than others, yet no less fragrant.

Albugnano DOC

Among these wild hills tinged with green and gold, a sanctuary of Piedmontese flavours was born. The Enoteca Regionale (Regional Wine Centre), the youngest in Piedmont, a place of exchange and sharing where the Albugnano 549 association is based.

Good as the Summer Truffle

Typical local products, all paired with the Summer Truffle

The flavours of OroMonferrato

Introduction to traditions