The places

Unusual coordinates and unexplored routes

We are here to welcome and guide travellers along routes that deviate from the beaten tracks. We are here to break free from a stereotypical idea of tourism and find new routes to explore within a story yet to be built. We are on a journey that, stage by stage, leads us to get to know an area that intends to preserve the original charm of its places, its natural environment and the local flora and fauna, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

The voice of the territory

This land is an immense book open on its most charming stories. A magical book, an atlas of extraordinary emotions that echo with each step of its guests. This is why, every place you read about, every village you find in these pages and along our roads, you will also be able to listen to it in OroMonferrato's Loquis podcasts, which have been conceived to convey the wonders of our land through the stories of its inhabitants. Authentic, different and unusual tales.

Tutti i luoghi
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The Crotin [kru'tin]

45° 2' 24.381'' N / 8° 5' 57.550'' E

The Two Castles

44° 56' 13.554'' N / 8° 4' 15.616'' E

The Castle of Frinco

45° 0' 19.432'' N / 8° 10' 16.957'' E

Nicola Restauri Laboratory

45° 6' 1.118'' N / 8° 0' 7.795'' E