The Truffle

Truffle and seasonality

In summer months our land carries with it the preciousness of the Tuber aestivum - Summer Truffle and, between September and January, the rarity of the Tuber magnatum Pico - White Truffle We are well aware of the gift we have been given, the awareness of a community that embraces its most authentic and genuine customs and perpetuates the tradition of a cuisine that has been handed down for generations to enhance the main ingredient of our land: the black summer truffle.

The Summer Truffle

Also known as Scorzone or, to use its scientific name, Tuber aestivum, in Italy and abroad, it is particularly appreciated for its delicate scent and strong but not too intense taste. It is pleasant, regular and rounded and hides in calcareous soils exposed to draughts. Sometimes it is also found in clay soils such as woods and pine forests, extending up to an altitude of 1,000 metres. From June to August, the preciousness of this edible gold will be back to shine in the Monferrato lands.

The Trifulau (truffle hunters)

The Trifulau move at night, best on full moon nights, with their light steps and measured gestures they map the woods and clearings, but leave no trace. Their trusty Tabui is with them, the little dog, either purebred or half-breed, but with an infallible sense of smell. The two of them communicate through whispers and precise orders, in an essential dialect. The woods have a thousand smells, but the dog goes for it without fail: he knows that for every truffle he finds there is a reward. Suddenly the dog wags his tail, scratches and starts digging. The dog's little paws and the man's hands help each other: they must be quick and careful at the same time, harmony and trust are needed. And there he is, the king of the best tables, scented and perfect, ready to delight the palates of the most demanding gourmets.